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2021: The Year of the SPAC

Interest in SPAC acquisition as a potential exit strategy is greater than ever for growing brands. We are always looking for new ways to add value beyond our core focus in working capital financing. In that spirit, we’ve utilized our ties in the Consumer, Food & Beverage and SaaS spaces to curate a brief list…

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Raising Equity During and After COVID

Key Webinar Takeaways The Dwight Team has seen some changes in the growth stage CPG investor sentiment over the past year, and we continue to see changes as the COVID crisis develops. Jessica Bates from our team sat down with Dayton Miller (Managing Partner, Boulder Food Group), Jared Stein (Co-Founder & Partner, Monogram Capital) &…

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Don’t Say “No”-Use the Opportunity to Forge a Relationship

As a trusted advisor to your small business customers, you never want to be the one to say “No”. Nonetheless tightening regulation is making “No” an increasingly common answer. “No” your company is too early to receive bank lending “No” the facility size requested is too small “No” we can’t work with companies with historical…

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