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Comparing Revenue Based Financing and Asset-Based Lending

In today’s environment, scaling businesses have access to a variety of funding options. If you’ve looked at financing options, you’ve probably come across Asset-Based Loans (ABL) and Revenue-Based Financing (RBF). Both provide non-dilutive access to capital, but they differ in lending structure and how they think about risk. In this post, we’ll explore their differences…

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Dwight’s 2023 F&B Trend of the Year: Sustainable Seafood

Dwight’s F&B Trend of the Year, Sustainable Seafood has been gaining popularity in the natural food space, whether it’s sustainably-sourced seafood or plant-based seafood alternatives. We predict this momentum to accelerate throughout the year. Sustainable seafood is crucial for the health of our oceans and the long-term viability of the seafood industry. With growing awareness…

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