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Food & Beverage

Modern Lending for F&B

Each business is unique, but one thing is universal: having cash flow is the key to success. We tackle this with many of the top brands in the better-for-you Food and Beverage space.

Dwight Funding | The New Primal

Whether it’s building inventory for seasonal demands, waiting on UNFI or KeHE for payment, or funding a co-man ahead of a large order, we have experience supporting F&B brands through these cash squeezes and beyond. What’s more, we work with top investors and advisors in the industry, so chances are, we already have established relationships with the stakeholders at your table.

Waterloo_Dwight Funding

What We Bring to the Table

Flexible Capital

A line of credit that scales with your A/R and inventory to fund production and accept that new, large order.

We Get Your Business

No need to explain slotting fees, promotional spend or that MVM program you’re heading into.

Adapting to Seasonality

Cash to get through the low season and ramp up inventory for the high season.

Pacing for the Marathon, not the Sprint

Extend runway between equity rounds, and ensure you can hit those milestones and valuations.

Asset-Based Lending for F&B

Our asset-based lending structure is a perfect match for F&B companies because it adapts to the ebbs and flows of your cash needs. With flexible access to capital you can stock up on inventory to meet wholesale demand — all while extending your runway in the most founder-friendly way.

Want to learn more?

Don’t hesitate to reach out; we look forward to working with you!