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Consumer Goods

Modern Lending for CPG

Steady access to capital can make or break a rapidly growing CPG business. That’s why leading growth-stage brands, whether wholesale or DTC, rely on our flexible lines of credit.

Dwight Funding | Cleancult

Between covering your existing co-packer/3PL expenses and introducing new SKUs, we know that building a successful CPG brand doesn’t come cheap or easy. We tailor our financing to your needs and make sure you have access to our extensive network of investors and advisors, so you’re best positioned for success.

Dwight Funding | Dagne Dover

Why CPG Brands Choose Dwight

Flexible Capital

Financing that scales with your A/R and inventory to fund production and meet demand as you grow.

We Get Your Business

No need to explain dilution, why you’re not profitable, or how your supply chain works.

Smooth Out Your Supply Chain

Cash on hand to sidestep whatever supply chain challenge is on the horizon. Order ahead of schedule and meet MOQs.

Pacing for the Marathon, not the Sprint

Draw on your line of credit for cushion between fundraises. That’ll give you more time to meet milestones before the next valuation.

Asset-Based Lending for CPG

Our asset-based lending structure is a great match for Consumer Products because it leverages your ever-fluctuating inventory and accounts receivables. As you grow your top line and/or expand across channels, our partnership evolves with your business.

Want to learn more?

Don’t hesitate to reach out; we look forward to working with you!