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Get to Know Dwight

We are entrepreneurs that are passionate about helping other entrepreneurs. Our collective banking, lending, consulting, and operating experience gives us perspective on how to make an industry that hasn’t changed much for years better. We’ve created a modern lending platform for today’s leading growth stage companies built on a foundation of relationships, data, and technology.

Who We Are

We’re a finance company born in today’s age and built from scratch for modern businesses. Today’s world is constantly evolving and powered by technology — why shouldn’t that apply to financing? Coming from big banks and traditional ABL, we know there is a better way for the next generation of businesses to access funding. It’s our personal and professional mission to make this happen.


Dwight has innovated on traditional ABL, opening up the possibilities for new industries to leverage their assets for capital, while implementing data-driven practices to increase efficiency. Our goal is to take friction out of the process for everyone involved, from clients and prospects to investors and strategic partners.


Working with us means a quick turnaround, efficient decision making, and an expert take on the industry. We attribute this in part to our complex use of technology, and in part to our industry specialization. And, just like you, we’re constantly evolving, so this is just the beginning.


Founded in



What We Value


We can’t transform an industry without challenging the status quo.


We seek purpose in our work and approach it with intent.


We believe trust is earned by being genuine and reliable.

Dilutive Funding

We work hard, and we work smart.

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