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2021: The Year of the SPAC

4 March 2021

Interest in SPAC acquisition as a potential exit strategy is greater than ever for growing brands. We are always looking for new ways to add value beyond our core focus in working capital financing. In that spirit, we’ve utilized our ties in the Consumer, Food & Beverage and SaaS spaces to curate a brief list of active SPACs on our radar.

Consumer SPACs

26 Capital Acquisition Corp.

Gaming and gaming technology, branded consumer, lodging and entertainment, or e-commerce brands.

Fund Size | $275M

Able Brands

“Better-for-you” consumer-facing businesses.

Fund Size | $225M

Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle Corp.

Premium brands that offer an aspirational lifestyle experience.

Fund Size | $225M

Adara Acquisition Corp.

Consumer brands products, across health and wellness, e-commerce, discretionary spending, and information technology.

Fund Size | $115M

Bright Lights Acquisition Corp.

Consumer products in media, entertainment and sports sectors that can benefit from celebrity ownership and/or partnership.

Fund Size I $230M

Catalyst Partners Acquisition Corp

Disruptive software business with demonstrated strong momentum, platform characteristics and multiple avenues of growth in a large addressable market with favorable secular trends. The team and board of directors are united around a common goal: to invest in the next generation of Black entrepreneurship and leadership.

Fund Size | $400M

CHW Acquisition

Consumer product or consumer-related industry. The team has extensive executive level experiences in a variety of sectors including, but not limited to, fashion, food, beverage, pet, toy, athleisure, fitness, snacking, over-the-counter (“OTC”) health and wellness products, weight loss, and travel goods.

Fund Size | $100M

Clarim Acquisition Corp.

Consumer-facing brands within the e-commerce sector.

Fund Size | $288M

D8 Holdings Corp.

Consumer brands that are under-valued relative to its potential and ready for transformative improvement.

Fund Size I $345M

Empower LTD

Consumer products, retail, services, and experiences with an emphasis on the following attributes: strong leadership, engaged community, clear value proposition, socially conscious, digitally minded & agile supply chain.

Fund Size | $250M

Good Commerce Aquisition

Consumer brands in the apparel and accessories, outdoor, health and wellness, home and other consumer-related industries with the objective to create the next-generation consumer holding company by combining exceptional brands and leadership teams.

Fund Size | $200M

Iron Spark

Branded consumer businesses with a specific focus on Athletics and Sport-Culture, Apparel and Accessories, and Food, Wellness and Lifestyle.

Fund Size | $175M

Powered Brands

Sustainable and digitally focused beauty brands with the goal of creating a new kind of global conglomerate.

Fund Size | $800M

The Northern Star Investment Corp. III

Direct-to-consumer brands and digitally-disruptive e-commerce spaces.

Fund Size | $35M

Venice Brands Acquisition I

North American businesses in the consumer sectors, including food and beverage, health and wellness, beauty and personal care, and pet products and services.

Fund Size | $150M

Waldencast Acquisition

Beauty and personal care brands with the goal of building a global best-in-class beauty and wellness operating platform.

Fund Size | $250M

Food & Beverage SPACs

AF Acquisition Corp.

Better-for-you consumer packaged goods, specifically food, beverage, health and wellness, beauty, pet or personal care sectors.

Fund Size | $200M

Authentic Equity Acquisition Corp.

Packaged and frozen foods, beverages, beer, wine and spirits, snacks, household products, pet products, consumer and marketing services and personal care products, including health and beauty and over-the-counter products.

Fund Size | $230M

G&P Acquistion Corp.

Food and beverage, consumer goods, automotive and hospitality businesses.

Fund Size | $175M

Natural Order Acquisition Corp.

Products related to sustainable plant-based food & beverages, alternative protein, and ingredients. Companies that use plant-based, cell-based or precise fermentation technologies to develop products that eliminate animals from the food supply chain.

Fund Size | $230M

USHG Acquisition Corp.

Culture-driven businesses across a range of industries, including, but not limited to, food & beverage, e-commerce, technology, health, retail, and consumer goods.

Fund Size | $288M

New Providence Acquisition Corp.

Branded packaged goods in the food & beverage space or hospitality consumer industry including products, services, devices.

Fund Size | $232M

Post Holdings Partnering Corp

Consumer packaged goods in the food & beverage space.

Fund Size | $400M

Siddhi Acquisition Corp.

Food and beverage companies, seeking to take advantage of the “transformation” the industry is currently experiencing. Specifically, Siddhi Acquisition will seek a target that is focused on health and wellness or “better-for-you consumption,” such as businesses tackling sugar reduction, grain or gluten free options and plant-based meat and dairy analogs.

Fund Size |$200M

Technology SPACs

Aequi Acquisition Corp.

Brands in the artificial intelligence, cloud services (SaaS) and automotive technology sectors.

Fund Size | $100M

Dune Acquisition Corp.

Companies within the technology sector, particularly companies pursuing a SaaS model.

Fund Size | $173M

G Squared Ascend I

Technology brands, specifically in SaaS, Online Marketplaces, Mobility 2.0/Logistics, Fintech/Insurtech, New Age Media, and Sustainability.

Fund Size | $345M

Never Heard of a SPAC?

A SPAC, also-known-as a Special-Purpose Acquisition Company, or a “blank check” company, is a shell corporation listed on the stock exchange whose goal is to acquire a private business and make it public, thereby side-stepping the conventional IPO process.

Although we’ve only listed SPACs in the Consumer and Food & Beverage sectors, blank check companies are targeting private businesses across all industries, including but not limited to Technology, Health Care, Entertainment, Gaming, Sports, Hospitality and more.