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Dwight’s 2022 in Review

28 December 2022

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. From our vantage point, CPG in 2022 was shaped by inflation, the conscious consumer, staying power of DTC amidst diversification to other channels, and a shift away from 3rd party data. Between tinkering with promotion strategies, to upping the ante on green & social good initiatives, to reevaluating ad and data strategies, brands have been busy. We’ve been incredibly impressed by our portfolio companies’ creativity and resilience in the face of market pressures and changing consumer behavior.

Dwight’s business was designed to stand strong in periods of economic volatility. While the nature of our product means we can’t work with everyone, it also allows us to provide unwavering support to our partners. In fact, we’ve extended more capital and brought on more brands to our portfolio than any other year — all while continuing to push the boundaries of what a best-in-class lending experience looks like.

Portfolio by the Numbers

From financial performance to customer loyalty, our portfolio companies thrived in 2022. Growth was driven by repeat purchases, customer acquisition, and more doors. Clients were led by savvy, capable management, who funded their businesses with a healthy balance of credit and equity.

Engaging the Community

We’ve been busy brainstorming, roadmapping, and sharing insights over Zoom, coffees, meals, and even workouts. It’s been a year rich with dialogue and partnership with brands, investors, and other key players in the industry.

New with Dwight

Our market knowledge and specialization inspired us to activate new partnerships and products designed for growth-stage brands in 2022. Check out what we launched.

Industry Insights

We’ve tapped into our market, data, and expertise to publish valuable content for brands and the community that supports them. Here’s a glimpse into our most popular content.

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