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Dwight’s 2021 Year in Review

21 December 2021

Our work is focused on providing capital to cutting-edge brands in a dynamic, rapidly evolving market. By nature, we’re accustomed to market shocks and disruption. 2021 certainly lived up to this, giving us an opportunity to rise to the occasion.

More than ever, we’re focused on what Dwight stands for, who we serve, and how we drive value in our relationships. We’ve remained unwavering in our commitment to serving brands and collaborating with partners. 2021 was spent focusing on our fundamentals: partnership, industry specialization, and transparency. To better deliver on this, we invested in our brand, content, technology, and much more.

What we’re most proud of, however, continues to be the growth of our portfolio companies. We supported brands as they tackled the supply chain, digital privacy initiatives, and inflation. Brands in Dwight’s portfolio approached challenges with intent, created roadmaps, and executed against them with conviction, well positioning them for the year to come.

Client Growth

Performance and followership of our portfolio companies surged in 2021. Below are a few figures that illustrate this growth, as well as investor bullishness on the space.

Top Line Growth YoY

driven in part by channel / product expansion, customer loyalty and acquisition.

Brought in Investor Capital

to drive sales and marketing initiatives, working alongside Dwight’s working capital infusions.

Connecting the Dots

We’ve been busy chatting with brands, investors, and other key players in the industry. Here are some of the relationships we’ve been cultivating.

Industry Insights

We’ve used our conversations and learnings to develop content for growth-stage businesses and the folks that support them. Below are a few of the series we launched this year.

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Looking Ahead to 2022

Ben Brachot_Dwight Funding

In this past year, our portfolio companies showed growth and resilience as they navigated through macro and localized problems. Most of these issues were unprecedented; however, great founders always find a way to problem solve and come out stronger on the other side.

Looking ahead, we’re not quite out of the woods on supply chain, inflation, or the great resignation, but we’re confident that our brands will continue to break out of the pack and make their impact. We couldn’t be more excited for the state of our market in 2022 and we’re ready to support our founders along their journey.”

Ben Brachot



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