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Dwight and IBC Partners to Support Funding for Food and Beverage Businesses

19 July 2016

Dwight Funding and InterContinental Beverage Capital are teaming up to provide working capital for companies in the beverage and consumer packaged goods industries.

The two announced that they are forming a strategic partnership within the beverage sector to help advance small and growing businesses.

Dwight Funding as a small and mid-sized business debt specialist, and IBC as a beverage and consumer good specialist, will join to offer better funding alternatives and tenured management experience to this space. 

InterContinental Beverage Capital relies on an international network of investment resources, lending institutions and industry contacts for its clients’ financing needs.”Not all capital carries the same value or opportunity for our clients,” said Joe Messina, Co-founder and President of IBC. “In fact, many clients often overlook debt alternatives when seeking growth capital.

“Now through this partnership, Dwight Funding is an in house resource to educate clients on creative debt solutions. Rather than having to rely on equity capital exclusively, Dwight can provide non-dilutive growth capital through its asset-based lending services.”

Dwight Funding has previously worked with companies in a variety of industries including food and beverage but also spanning to manufacturing, consumer goods, technology and retail.

“Dwight’s experience in the food and beverage industry allows us to identify ways which our clients can better fund their business,” Messina continued.

For IBC, the hope is to continue to provide best in class advisory services with the added value of debt advisory and funding capabilities. 

Dwight will act as a value-add capital resource for these clients. “We are very excited to work with IBC. This partnership will allow us to reach more clients in the food and beverage space, and help them accelerate their businesses,” said Dan Basloe, Co-founder and Managing Director of Dwight Funding. 

About Dwight Funding

Dwight Funding is a New York based finance company specializing in providing better working capital solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Dwight partners with entrepreneurs and growing businesses to provide asset based loans, receivable financing, and other financial solutions. Through a combination of working capital, financial advice, and fostering professional relationships, Dwight allows companies to access efficient capital and get them on their way to a bank within 12 – 36 months.