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The Next Iteration of Dwight Funding’s Brand

18 May 2021

Today, we announced Dwight Funding’s fresh, new look. We accomplished a lot under our old logo: we reimagined a dated industry, introduced asset-based lending to DTC, and established a portfolio and community of industry leaders. Even so, our company was founded on the idea that we cannot transform without challenging the status quo — it was time again to do just that.

Picture this: it’s 2015 and there’s plenty of liquidity in the market and yet, lenders are reluctant to work with smaller, growing businesses. Investors are in a frenzy looking to discover the next big thing. The digital landscape is booming. DTC is taking off, but early brands are still having a tough time finding a working capital partner that understands their business. 

Enter Dwight Funding: on a mission to serve this sector of highly innovative, digitally-native brands using ABL with a modern twist. We built our lines of credit on a foundation of relationships and data. After all, we knew that to fund today’s brands, we had to be on their level technologically, while still maintaining a hands-on approach. In doing that, we modernized financial processes and practices that hadn’t seen this much innovation in decades. 

While we started as one of the first capital providers to focus on high growth digital natives, today, we’re one of the leading lenders in the space. Beyond our success in DTC, we’ve built an outstanding portfolio of Consumer-facing businesses, and an active community of acclaimed investors, advisors and strategic partners. As we look ahead to the next phase of our journey,  we need a brand that meets us where we are and is representative of who we are, what we value, and where we’re headed.

Although every circle, line and dot you see on our new website has a specific purpose, we’d hate to lose you in the details. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably starting to get the gist anyway.

Ultimately, Dwight Funding is a modern-day business, rooted in tech and specialized in finding working capital solutions for today’s disruptors. We’re real people on the other end of the phone who understand your business and its challenges. We have the insights and capital needed to support your scaling business because if you aren’t pushing forward, we’re falling behind. 

Thank you for celebrating this milestone with us! Stick around — there’s more to come.