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Littledata x Dwight Partnership Announcement

15 June 2022

We’re partnering with Littledata to help brands scale the smart way.
Dwight Funding is excited to announce a new partnership with eCommerce data platform Littledata to provide growth-stage DTC brands seamless access to the tools they need to scale sustainably.

Littledata is an eCommerce platform that optimizes marketing ROI by providing brands with an accurate, unbiased picture of sales attribution. Having worked with brands like Athletic Brewing and Laundry Sauce, Littledata has successfully helped DTC brands eliminate unnecessary marketing spend with their 1-click solution, making it a natural fit with our outstanding DTC portfolio, which includes brands like Cleancult and Chubbies. What’s more, the Littledata team shares our data-driven approach to growth and uses data to help brands scale.

“For best-in-class businesses, being well-funded and spending sustainably go hand in hand. Littledata shares our commitment to data-driven growth and has been successful in giving DTC brands an accurate view across Shopify, GA and Facebook so that their marketing yields the best results.”

-Ben Brachot, Co-founder + Managing Director of Dwight Funding

As privacy standards and the economic environment shift, Littledata and Dwight are here to help. Our shared mission is to empower growing DTC brands to thrive by providing them with seamless access to the tools they need—whether it be capital, expertise, or data to drive decision-making and growth strategy.

Whether or not you’re already a Littledata or Dwight Funding customer, contact us to learn more about:

“We’re delighted to welcome Dwight Funding to the Littledata family as we team up to bring thriving DTC brands the tools they need to reach new heights. Littledata itself is in part financed by debt, and we understand the value of borrowing against tomorrow’s revenues to fund growth today. Equally, these same fast-growing brands need accurate data to make decisions — accurate data that Littledata can provide for any brand using Shopify or BigCommerce.”

-Edward Upton, Littledata CEO

We’re especially looking forward to collaborating with the Littledata team on resource development around best practices for optimizing cash flow across the balance sheet, from inventory management to marketing spend, including paid channels like Facebook Ads and email channels like Klaviyo. In the coming months, we’ll be sharing updates on the blog and in our email newsletter.

Ready to scale the smart way? Learn more about Littledata and Dwight Funding.